Aquair Water To Air Warm Air Heating


Johnson & Starleys new range of Aquair Warm Air Heaters have the ability to be run from a combination boiler to allow the user to have mains pressure hot water. It is also possible to run radiators from the combination boiler to rooms which are not heated by the Warm Air heater.


The Aquair heater works by a combination boiler heating a heat exchanger inside the Aquair heater to 82ºc then the fan blows air over the heat exchanger which warms the air to provide warm air heating. 


The Multicalor MC range also work on the same principle as the Aquair heater but has a higher heat output which makes it suitable for larger properties


These systems are proving to be a very popular choice when it comes to replacing your existing warm air heating system and can save you over 30% a year on your anual gas bill.


Upto a 10 year guarantee on the combination boiler fitted with the Aquair warm air heater. (2 year guarantee comes with the Aquair heater)


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